Saturday, November 30, 2013


Jessi Hoffman promotes the idea that Amma is a demonic entity working with the United Nations and aliens to take over the world. On her own website (writing as Bronte Baxter) she proclaims: 
1. Amma is working with evil alien beings and the United Nations to form an Orwellian one-world government. When Amma hugs people, she is implanting the aliens’ energy in people to make it easier for the aliens to eat our "loosh". According to Hoffman, "loosh" is an invisible byproduct of suffering which is food for the aliens.
2. All forms of God (Jehovah, Krishna, Devi, etc.) exist, but they’re not actually divine. Instead, they are evil alien beings who feed on “loosh” and are bent on devouring your soul.

    3. Every expression of suffering in the world, including the entire food chain (you know, like humans eating those defenseless vegetables), is an evil symptom of the system put in place by these aliens in order to maximize the suffering they can feed off of.

   4. When these aliens are overthrown, all forms of suffering (including the food chain) will cease. But it will be all good because we will have thrown off our human suits also.
And that, according to the editor of Holy Hell, is why it is so important to bring Amma down.

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